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Our Story

It all began with a small idea–the desire to present the timeless and rich tradition that is Kashmir. Every piece of clothing at Toosh is the coming together of in-depth research by our innovative team of designers and is reflective of the efforts of our skilled craftsmen. Toosh is inspired by the will to preserve the intricate Kashmiri karigiri and tradition we are simply proud of.

Led by Designer and visionary Mrs. Nishi Giroti, and put together by our team of dedicated Indie craftsmen, we at Toosh are committed to creating masterpieces with every piece of clothing. Toosh is her little baby and we are proud to take this tradition a step forward; hand over a piece of history to each of our patrons. It is this passion to revive Kashmiri art, the desire to spread the word about this ‘Paradise on Earth’ that drives us.

Clothing a class apart

Celebrating the marriage of classic style and contemporary design, every piece of clothing at Toosh undergoes multiple quality control checks. Our idea is to create clothes that aren't just beautiful and unique, but also comfortable on your skin. We bring designs that don't just reflect our rich cultural heritage but also tend to the desires of our loyal customers who like a mix of the latest trends and designs in fashion.

We, at Toosh, strongly believe in gifting memorable experiences that contribute to the world’s cause. Therefore, all products at Toosh are ethically sourced and sustainably produced–using carefully sourced, pure fibres that do not contain or endorse ‘shahtoosh’.

We are trying to promote authentic Indian culture and provide a livelihood to the people of Kashmir. Come, join us in our effort to promote authentic Indian tradition and culture.

 "Timeless designs for the contemporary you"

Mrs. Nishi takes pride in Kashmir’s rich culture and tradition that comes wrapped in our small bundle of joy every time you order a piece of clothing at Toosh.