Heaven on Earth- KASHMIR


Kashmir - heaven on earth, real fairy tale land from grandmother's fairy tales and endless place par excellence of beauty and love. ”


Believe it or not, Kashmir remains the centre of some of the world's greatest traditions and heritage.


Distinctive in its style and somewhat conforming to Central Asian standards, Kashmir is unbeatable in the number of things it is famous for.


Words cannot describe its beauty. So does the warmth, love and tranquillity of people.


From the mountains and glaciers to the lakes that roam the valleys, Kashmir is a craft unto itself, and its creators are its artisans.


If you've been to Kashmir, you know that, in addition to its exotic architecture, the Mughal gardens offer something unparalleled, something to share with friends and allure them.


That is the traditional dress of Kashmiri Pheran, Pheran can be counted as one of the few things that are better than anywhere else in the world.


Local women make tila-kari or Alaa-kari on dresses made of velvet, mahmal or wool. The neck is designed with any pattern of Tila.


In addition, there is this jewellery crafted in unparalleled black metal, nickel silver, or pure silver.


Long hanging earrings that seem to fall on the shoulders, a head cap with a braided "Ronnie" that falls on the forehead, and a necklace that falls on the stomach further enhance the wearer's beauty.


Kashmir has the best bags of traditional craft "Arikaari", "Kadai", which is woven with colourful threads, we have various patterns and designs such as leather, imitation leather, suede and other shoulder bags, clutch bags, handbags and even school bags.


It is so popular in the market that it is also sold on Western shopping sites.


The reason for this trend is the durability, unmatched appearance, and low cost of these products.


Also, the patterns on each part of the product are unique because they are actually made just for you, like the first and last parts of something.