Papier Mache:

You will be spoilt for a decision once you begin perusing the massive scope of hand-tailored papier Mache items. The splendid varieties, the mind-boggling designs with minute enumerating of the items, and the scope of the product will keep you drawn in for a long time. 

The craftsmanship is accepted to have been acquainted with the valley from Persia and was utilized to make architect 'qalam dan' or pen holders. Today, you will track down boxes, bowls, cups, plates, embellished pieces, and so on in all sizes. 

As per a few senior experts, craftsmen in Kashmir have even become amazing at involving fluid gold in painting. Specialists draw motivation from an assortment of things around them, from mathematical examples to botanical themes to scenes from daily existence. 

Aside from involving tones for the artistic creations, various shades of similar tint and complicated utilization of brushes of different thicknesses are likewise used to add a sensational effect. 

Part of Kashmir's embroidery assortment, it is a chain join utilizing strings made of fine fleece with the assistance of a crewel (a sharp snare). Prior executed on silk and cotton, presently craftsmen have figured out how to chip away at an assortment of textures, including silk organza, velvet, material and even jute. 

The crewel textures are normally used to make decorations or upholsteries. Blossoms and creepers appear to be the most famous example. A portion of the normally accessible items incorporate drapes, comforters, pads, cushion covers, tosses, and so forth.

Sozani weaving:

This normal weaving from Kashmir, otherwise called Kashmir Sozani create, which is additionally accepted to have Persian roots, can be found on different textures and clothes. Executed by a specialist 'sozankar', the allure of the weaving lies in the blend of fundamental and supported lines. The predominant theme seems, by all accounts, to be the 'but', basically a botanical or almond with a twisted tip. 

Be that as it may, mathematical examples, as well as the verdure of the valley, may likewise be essential for the theme. Albeit the sozani weaving might contrast in quality, the best is supposed to be those where the sozani line is utilized for illustrating the theme with a more obscure shade of string while the topping off and the unfilled space outside the theme are covered with fine sozani fastens in various tones, and there is no noticeable hole between the layout and the filling. 

The best sozani weavings might require months and are normally utilized on exorbitant materials like silk and an unadulterated pashmina. On the off chance that you are at a production line outlet, a solicitation to see the customary wooden squares utilized for drawing the examples, which are likewise high quality by an extraordinary gathering of experts.

Walnut Wood Carving: 

With pecan trees native to Kashmir, it isn't to be expected that the ambitious craftsmen of Kashmir have been utilizing it to create an assortment of high-quality items. The nearby grain, the even surface and the variety are utilized to upgrade the carvings in profound alleviation or made by undermining. 

While the enormous items, for example, cupboards, collapsing screens, beds or eating tables may not be difficult to convey back home (search for them at creates fairs close to home), you can constantly browse more modest things, for example, plate, flame stands, gems cases, beautifying things, and so on.

Hand-tied rug:

It is the thickness of the bunches per square inch which makes Kashmir's hand-hitched rugs a showstopper. Cover winding around can be found across the state. The floor coverings are made in silk on silk, silk and cotton, fleece and cotton and silk, and fleece and cotton. 

Accessible in variegated tones, plans and sizes, they can be an authority's thing assuming you are an insightful purchaser. Notwithstanding, if you are not too quick to even think about hauling it around during your return venture from the state, enquire at the Jammu and Kashmir state retail outlets found in most metro urban areas.


From a thing of essential apparel to see Kashmiris through the harsh winter to a much sought-after extravagance thing, the pashmina has voyaged quite far. 

As per the Srinagar-based Craft Development Institute, which had documented the application for the Geographical Indication tag for Kashmir pashmina, this warm woollen texture, got from the downy of the Himalayan Mountain goat (the pashmina goat) was first presented by the occupants of the state. It is said that the best pashmina is gotten from the delicate, wool undercoat that develops fundamentally on the neck and stomach of the goat. 

It is generally woven in three examples - twill or 'sade bunai', the famous precious stone or 'cheshm-e-bulbul' and the exceptional herringbone style or 'Gada kind. The crude fleece is transformed into a fine wrap through an intricate cycle and is a particular occupation as the non-abrasiveness must be held through each progression.


Commonly known as 'Kesar' and developed in the upper scopes of Jammu and Kashmir, it is supposed to be one of the costliest of flavours (by weight) on the planet. 

The strands, known for their solid aroma and rich tone, are the dried shame and styles of the bloom of the crocus sativus plant. Pampore (Pulwama region) is known as the Centre of saffron development. It is additionally filled in Budgam, Kishtwar and Srinagar. 

Aside from being utilized in cooking, Kesar is additionally utilized as an eatable shading specialist, in medication, and so forth. Likely to weather patterns, the blooming for the most part happens between the second fortnight of October and the first seven day stretch of November.